The Face Mask Project

Material Cut was originally founded by friends who wanted to solve the global slave labor issue. The first ideas were created using computer assisted design, along with traditional manufacturing and fair trade practices here in northern New Mexico.

For years we have been progressively tooling up, gathering talent and learning how to create what we have been envisioning.

In 2013 we incorporated and started our first domestic manufacturing project. Using a home made laser cutter and a nontraditional workplace, we have been working to bridge the gap between artistry, technology and society.

Like so many other talented makers, we are proud to come forward and help create products for our changing social needs. We have been producing and donating equipment to essential workers, medical professionals and individuals in need. Washable face masks are important. Face masks that offer an extra layer of protection~ a pocket for filtration, are essentual. 

Our beautiful super comfortable face masks are designed with a strap that goes over your head in 2 places. For long periods of wearing time, our customers have found this design is far more comfortable than the masks that go over your ears. However, you can modify the elastic cord to wrap only behind your ears if you prefer,

You can also wash at least 40-50 times. (We recommend placing in a washable laundry bag - Just in case the straps get caught in your washer.) 

Or better yet, hit it with your steam iron between outings.

If  you require a mask and can not afford one or simply do not have access to one, please email us at materialcutdesign@gmail.com and if available, we will supply one at no charge.

Your purchases will support the makers who produce the goods and our continued work to provide flexible manufacturing solutions, fair trade and a creative work place for many in Taos, NM.